Let your robot work, and you enjoy your garden!

General Features

LADYBUG ™ is a fully automated robot that works inside an electronic fence created with a boundary cable around your garden. When the batteries are dead, it returns to the charging station. After the first installation, you enjoy better quality grass that does not require years of maintenance.

LADYBUG randomly travels every corner of your garden. It can easily handle wet and rainy conditions as well as difficult terrain, including slopes of up to 30 degrees, temporary obstacles like pine cones and fruits.

LADYBUG can work noiselessly at night without disturbing anyone (aprx. 60db.) You can control working hours on your phone so you can have the mow your grass to desired lengths whenever you want.

With LADYBUG, you can cut your lawn as it grows continuously without the need for a gardener. During cutting with normal mowers, clippings of several centimeters are splashed, which are then picked up and removed. The trimmings LADYBUG cut are only a few millimeters long. They fall into the ground, cover with dry grass and fertilize your lawn.

  • Multi-sensor technology
  • Maximum access to corners
  • Long-lasting mowing
  • Convenient operation
  • Protected against theft
  • 3-blade system for excellent mowing performance
  • Coping with a slope of up to 30 degrees
  • Automatic charging system