Lockout Tagout and Scafftag

Brady offers a broad range of lockout devices and tagouts that cover most mechanical and electrical applications. Brady also covers other aspects of energy control programs by providing solutions for training employees, creating documented procedures, ...

Lockout Procedures Software and Training

Refresh employees on lockout procedures and provide training for your facility's lockout programme.

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Tagout indicates who is responsible for placing a Lockout device and who is authorised to remove it or make changes to it. The tags are manufactured from a flexible polyester, resistant to water, oil and extreme temperatures.

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These extremely high quality padlocks are ideally suited for lockout tagout applications.

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Lockout-Tagout Kits

Portable Lockout Kits for specific applications and budgets.

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Mechanical Risk Lockout

Mechanical Risk Lockout - Lockout devices for mechanical risk prevention.

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Electrical Risk Lockout

Accommodate a large variety of electrical plugs and other applications.

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