Wire, Cable & Panel Markers

Brady's cable markers, wire markers, tags, sleeves, and flags give you the ability to produce clear, sharp text to mark your labels or wires.

Self-laminating labels

Brady's self-laminating wire labels and cable markers protect your label's legend from extreme temperature, chemicals, and solvents.


Non-adhesive, printable wire marker sleeves and cable heat shrink sleeves fit snugly around wires or cables for maximum insulation protection and permanent identification. Full-circle design provides fast, permanent wire marking.

Component Identification

Brady's electrical component label materials are specially engineered to resist the harshest environments. We offer hardware labels to identify all components found within an electrical panel.


Brady's printable wire and cable tags provide clear, unambiguous marking for both indoor and outdoor applications. Tags can be attached to a wire or cable using cable-ties or by use of a self-fastening design.

Carriers With Inserts

Due to their special tubular shape, carriers fit on various cable diameters thus cutting down on stock requirements. Ideal for cable indentification.

Electrical and Patch Panel Labels

Labelling solutions for Electrical Panels. Brady has a wide selection of panel labels, markers and tags to identify all connections.

Wrap-around Labels

Wrap-around Labels - Conformable material designed to adhere to highly curved surfaces ideal for marking wires and cables.