Gravotech lasers are widely used in industrial and non-industrial activities for marking, engraving, embellishing and cutting any material, from plastic to metal, to ceramic, to organic materials, etc.

What is the laser process?

The laser source* generates a powerful and precise beam of light able to heat and evaporate the material and its focus point.

Contactless, laser technology overcomes the hardness of the parts and allows a very fine mark at high speed. The work is clean and indelible. Flexible, it is suitable for all needs and types of production, from aesthetic engraving to engraving at the highest industrial rate. Economic and environmentally-friendly, it doesn't use solvents, ink or any other chemical product for cutting and engraving operations. Easy to automate, laser processes save time, energy and material compared with traditional processes. The laser machine is a great tool for improving your productivity, your brand image and offers infinite creativity.